The Ten Star Difference

There is a big difference between a chain and an independent pizzeria like Ten-Star Pizza Kitchen. We make our crust and sauce fresh daily, and each pizza is hand-assembled as it’s ordered. Our gas-fired, stone-lined ovens cook pizza the right way, locking in freshness and flavor while creating a light, crispy, old-world crust with a uniquely sophisticated flavor. We proudly use secret family recipes and fresh ingredients every day.

But the Ten-Star experience is about more than just our delicious food. Inspired by the wonderful food and hospitality experienced during their travels to Charleston and Atlanta, Ryan and Amber Matlack opened Ten Star in 2010. They created an environment where people felt like they had been invited into their home for some great conversation and the best pizza around.

Jenni and Jeff Moen and their family

The Ten-Star tradition continues today as owners, Jeff and Jenni Moen, provide the same great service and delectable dishes Ardmore has come to expect. The family may have changed but the recipes are the same (with a few mouth-watering additions along the way). What was old is new again, and what was already flawless remains perfectly unchanged. Step into our pizza kitchen, pull up a chair, and enjoy!​